A hearty welcome to my website. On this website you can get information about the akashic records, readings and courses that show you how to read your own akashic records. 

Recognize and experience

An Akashic Reading is full of information and insights into blocks and patterns, their origins, their advantages, what you have to learn from them, as well as solutions are shown. It´s a way to make you aware of what holds you back.

Understand and act

When you understand the reasons behind your topics, you can consciously live, integrate and or let them go. You then have your life in your hands (again) and you can act according to your heart. You are responsible - in your power!

Let go and trust

If you are in your power, then you are in your confidence. If you are in your power, you are your sea of unlimited possibilities. You trust yourself, your intuition, everything you are. The drop of knowledge leads to acceptance. Acceptance leads to adoption. Adoption leads to appreciation. Appreciation leads to love and love leads to a YES to you. This yes to you leads into you power. Your yes, your love and your power are what let you live your full potential. That is true quality of life.